María Cifre

I was born in a humble family. My parents worked hard to raise their three daughters. July 15th of 1970 was a very special day for all of them: I was the first daughter and the first grand-daughter for the grandparents, a fact that filled them with joy. I remember my childhood in the seventies with happiness, playing with my friends in the unpaved street, without the danger of the cars that we have nowadays.

Biography of the writer

D uring those days we already used to fantasize about what we would become when we grew up. I really don’t rememeber which was my wish then, but I remember what I liked later, being a teenager, when I started writing short stories that helped me to dream about boys, whether they real or taken from a movie.

As I grew up, my passion in writing became more intense. I wrote on the paper everything that was in my mind. But I didn’t write a diary like most of the girls of my age used to do. I chose another way. I began writing short erotic stories. I was fascinated by the world of sexuality and eroticism. I enjoyed creating stories that sometimes arised from a minimum fact in the real life.

I can affirm that writing and me have always gone hand by hand. Since I was a teenager I have a notebook and a pen with me all the time to write down any idea that may come to my mind. I admit that I am still traditional in these times when we all have a mobile phone, even to write down notes.

Until not long ago, I kept my passion in secret. Fortunately, one day I commented about it to somebody special who was helping me getting through a difficult time in my life. I must thank this person for me being here today, presenting my books. He has put me in contact with other people who also trust me and believe in my possibilities as a writer, and who support me in my projects. Thanks to all of them who pushed me forward, I started to walk along a road that I expect to be fructiferous.

I still have a long way to go, I have just begun, but it doesn’t matter, my illusion and effort will help me to trundle on a bit everyday. I invite you to walk with me, what do you say?

Town of Pollença

Badia of Pollença

I wish to share my passion with all of you and I want you to let yourself be captivated by my stories and by the fervour and eroticism that they enclose and that give them so much life.

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